The Magic Spreadsheet

Automagically fill your spreadsheet with Crunchable intelligence

magic spreadsheet animated demo

Using the Magic Spreadsheet is As Easy as 1,2,3...

Step #1: Anchors

Have at least one column with some 'anchor' data that you already have.

This is the data that will seed everything else on the sheet.

Step #2: Configure Instructions

Use the side-bar to configure exactly how and where to get each piece of information.

The instructions are formatted with the Markdown format, but that just means you can easily **highlight** text and use <hyperlinks>

Step #3: Sit Back

... and let the magic happen! If your instructions are unclear, or more information is needed, you'll be notified inside the cell's notes. So look out for those!

Get it now!

Look for the Magic Spreadsheet in Google Spreadsheets Add-ons Store