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Popular Crunchable Use Cases

Content Moderation

Clean up your website of unwanted content

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Web Scraping

Extract key information from articles or websites

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IVR Scraping

Call IVR systems, or human-operated service numbers, and extract information

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Sales Assistance

Amplify your sales team with public info about people or companies

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CS Assistance

Increase your support team efficiency by smart categorization of incoming tickets

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Real time

Responds within seconds. Even from human elements!

Built To Scale

Workforce can stretch to handle thousands of API calls per minute.

Pay As You Grow

Starting out is completely free. Pricing model depends on your actual usage.

Quality out of the box

Built-in mechanisms to ensure quality (accuracy x consistency x speed) of responses coming from different people.

Easy integration

Simple RESTful API designed to seamlessly integrate into your production systems.